New single!

The next song coming up is called "Parade" and will be released in May --- but if you go and follow Frost on FaceBook, you'll be sure to be the first ones to get a sneak preview and listen before the release.

The Magician
Frosts new single of 2010, The Magician, will be out Monday August 16th - you can pre-listen and, if you like it, pre-order the song from Juno Download or you can buy it from iTunes

Upcoming live dates:
Frost would love to visit your city soon. More info to come about live gigs!

Previous live dates
Nov 18th, Oslo - Cafe Mono
Nov 20th, Tromsø - HT, Teaterkafeen

Aug 13th, Oslo - Øya Festival, Club Night
Sunkissed 10 yrs!
Blå, Brenneriveien 9
Show start at 22.30
More info here:
Klubb Øya

July 18th
Herr & Fru DJ set (Buktafestivalen)
Verdensteateret, Tromsø

May 20th
DJ-set (Aggie & Per aka Frost)
Mental Overdrive Live
Int Film Festival Cannes, T.I.F.F. Party

May 29th
Acadamy of contemporary Art
KHIO, Tromsø

Herr&Fru DJ set, April 18th
Verdensteateret, Tromsø

Frost Live, March 8th
Block 8, Bejing China

Per DJ set, February 29th
Kaos, Tromsø

Herr&Fru DJ set, March 1st
Verdensteateret, Tromsø

January 19th
January 20th
Ragatronics live/Frost live
The Blue Frog Club, Mumbai, India

December 26th, Tromsø, Verdensteateret
Herr & Fru DJ set

December 15th, Husfest, Smuglesning
Frost Live

October 19th
Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland Airwaves Festival., Friday @ Kaffibarinn 0130 hrs.

October 20th
Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland Airwaves Festival., Saturday @ Nordic House 1300 hrs.

September 21st
Launch party for Insomnia Festival, Tromsø
Frost live, Friday @ Driv

September 5th-8th
NuMusic Festival, Stavanger. Friday: Frost. Saturday: Mental Overdrive

August 25th, Meat Raffle, Catch, 22 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2 8DA
Frost live, 11:30 pm

August 11th, guests @ Bjørn Torske's Storband @ Øya Festival, Oslo, Norway

August 11th, Fabrikken, Øya:Sunkissed, Oslo, Norway
Frost live

July 27th, Stone hill Festival Alterswil, Switzerland
Frost live
Mental Overdrive live

June 2nd, Maiden, Musikkens Dag, Oslo. 1900hrs.

June 2nd, PI, Oslo / Herr&Fru DJ set. 2300 hrs.

May 11th, Neat, Stockholm, Sweden
Per plays his Mental Overdrive live set at the 2-4 hours releaseparty.
Thursday April 26th, Bergen, Café Opera
Releaseparty, mini-concert

Friday April 27th, Trondheim, Brukbar
Releaseparty, mini-concert

Saturday April 28th, Tromsø, Verdensteateret
Releaseparty, mini-concert

March 22nd, Oslo, The Villa
Releaseparty: mini liveset + DJ set

Frost live set, Opening of Polaryear 2007
Thursday, March 1st, Rådhusplassen 11.00 am

Per & Aggie DJ-set @ Ureint Mel i Posen/Blå, NO
Friday, December 22nd from 22.30 pm
"Redd Rotta Rufus" - Rottedisco all night long

Frost live club set + Per & Aggie DJ-set @ Klubb DaDa/Stravinsky, NO
Tuesday, December 26th

Frost live @ Blå, Oslo, NO
Brenneriveien 9, Friday 24th of November at 2200pm.

Frost live @ Vanity Club, Tokyo, JP
Colors Studio, Barbizon 27, B3F, near Nishiazabu-Crossing, Friday November 3rd of November, doors open at 11 pm. CC: 3000 1d door, 2500 1d w/flyer

Frost live @ In the City, Manchester UK
Squares, 11 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR, Sunday 29th of October, 1145 am

Per & Aggie DJ-set @ Strædet, Bergen, NO
Vågsallmenningen, Saturday, October 21st from 2300 pm

Frost live @ Insomnia-festival, Tromsø, NO
Kulturhuset, Lillescenen, Friday 13th of October, ca 2200 hrs

Frost live @ NO+CH festival, CH
Shanghai at Tang Hui, Wed Oct. 4th at 2100 hrs
Bejing, Nhu Club, Thur Oct 5th at 2100 hrs
Guangzhou, Xinghai Concert Hall, Fri Oct 6th at 2100.

Per & Aggie DJ-set, Ureint Mel i Posen, Blå, Oslo, NO
Friday 28th of July from 22.00 >>

Per & Aggie DJ-set, Træna Festival, NO
Saturday 8th of July at FISHY FISHY from 21.30 >>

Per & Aggie DJ-set, Træna Festival, NO
Friday 7th of July at FISHY FISHY from 21.30 >>

Per & Aggie DJ-set Grimstad Kortfilmfestival, "Alt Flyter"-party, NO
Friday 16th of June
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to follow FROST and what's going on.
Music video for Parade
There has been some busy days in Tromsø lately. FrostWorld Recordings put together quite a large production to make the music video for the next single from Frost, "Parade". Thanks to great help from KULTA, local filmcrew and other friends, we managed to get a sparkling, energetic video put together. Kristoffer Archetti and Jørgen Stangebye Larsen was in charge, as with "The Magician". The result will be release for you guys in not too long :) so stay tuned! Follow Frost on FaceBook!
Frost concerts in November!
Frost will play their new and fresh songs for you, two concerts planned so far:

Oslo, Cafe Mono, Thursday Nov. 18th
Pløens gt 4
Cc: 130,-
Show starts at 22.00hrs

Tromsø, Teaterkafeen, HT, Saturday Nov. 20th
Cc; 130,-
Show starts at 22.00hrs

Hope to see you :)
New single -
Fresh and different sound from Frost - after nearly two years in exile in their very Northern hometown Tromsø, Frost presents something new and magicial...

Watch the musicvideo here!

Frost will play live at Sunkissed / Øya Club Night
Frost will play live at the Øya festival, Friday 13th at Blå. Mr and Mrs Frost will present new material from their new album. New single and music video out Monday August 16th!

A great line-up this evening, celebrating Sunkissed 10 yrs anniversary!

ROBOMATIK & THE TRONIX [Trulz & Robin vs Ost & Kjex]

Read more on Øya-festivals pages.
Frost filming music video for "Magician"
Aggie and Per has just been to Lillehammer with a great filmteam making a magic video for their new song "Magician" will be sparkling and
Frost recording new album
Aggie and Per are working in the studio recording new songs for their forthcoming album, due to be released in 2010. More info to come. Stay tuned on whats cooking in the studio by following their fanpage on FaceBook. Join in!
Frost live at Øya Festival
Frost will do an exclusive live appearance at Oslo's Oya Festival on the opening day August 11th. The show will take place in the afternoon (5 pm) outside The National Museum, and they will play a double bill with DFA's new signing Black Meteoric Star, while Brazilian art collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus will use the space for their performances.

Aggie & Per will play some of their new material - it's fresh, it's positive, it's energetic! Best of all - it's for free - everybody welcome!

More than 100.000 plays on MySpace
The Frost songs on MySpace have reached over 100.000 plays by fans from all over the world.
Frost interviews
If you know how to read Chinese, take a look at this link to read the interview of Per & Aggie from Beijing in the July Issue of 'Not Only Music'.

If English seems slightly more comprehensible, check out the Setting Sun interview, by clicking here.
Fuzzy Prince
It turned out that Prince and his publishers banned the tribute album to honour and celebrate his 50th birthday. This means that there will be no commercial release of Frosts version of "Sex Shooter" - so here's a Free Download for you all.

Frost live pictures
Insomnia, Tromsø

Blue Frog, Bombay

Frost to Cannes Film Festival
Aggie and Per will do a DJ set during the Arctic Garden Party at the Grand Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival, Tuesday 20th of May. The same evening Per will also perform his live Mental Overdrive set. The Party is hosted by Tromsø Int. Film Festival T.I.F.F. and is aimed to give the film-industry a taste of the spectacular North....

Frost doing a cover of Prince's Sex Shooter
Per and Aggie did a cover version of Prince's song for Apollonia 6, "Sex Shooter". It will be one of the songs on
an overwhelming compilation by the finest Norwegian artists doing their interpretation of a Prince-song.

"Shockadelica - 50th Anniversary Tribute To The Artist Known As Prince" will be out June 2nd 2008. You can pre-order here: C+C Records

Frost's track will also be out as a single track on digital release.

Frost in Beijing
Blink Events presents Frost live at Block8 in Beijing, Saturday March 8th.
DJ Gaohu, DJ Patrick Yu before & after show.

My Plastic Heart out February 11th
The new Frost single, "My Plastic Heart", will be out for digital sales from February 11th on iTunes! The single includes a great remix by Plastic Operator and wonderful artwork by Loïs Iron.

Frost in Bombay
Frost played at the cool new Blue Frog Club in Bombay, togehter with excellent Ragatronics (feat. Bugge Wesseltoft, Shrikant Shriram, Per Martinsen & Vivek Rajagapalan) in January. Check out this link to see some great live footage!

Turntable Tombola 2. juledag!
Alle som er i Tromsø er hjertelig velkomne til Herr & Fru's Truntable Tombola - hits og lotteri - onsdag 2. juledag på Verdensteateret Café og Bar.

Frost live minikonsert på husfest på lørdag kjører husfest på lørdag. De som spiller er: Curtis Vodka, Frost, Diskjokke, DJ Hele Fitta, Luke Jaywalker, Gaute & Olav. Adressen er Mølleparken 2E. Kjør på.

New song on MySpace!
When Frost returned from the lovely Iceland Airwaves festival, they did a new studio recording, this time in an analogue studio in Oslo. You can listen to the song on MySpace now!

Frost to Tromsø at Insomnia prelaunch party
Frost are heading to their hometown Tromsø in the very far North of Norway, doing a concert at Driv Friday 21 of September. This will be a party + concert celebrating the upcoming Insomnia Festival in October. Frost hope to see you there!
Frost and Mental Overdrive to Iceland Airwaves
Frost, Mental Overdrive and Ungdomsskulen are the Norwegian artists confirmed to play at the icecool festival in Reykjavik. Iceland Airwaves Festival has an amazing line-up of great artists and is situated in the mystic land of elves and goblins....
Friday 19th at (Kaffi)Barinn:
Frost - 01.30
Mental Overdrive - 02.15
Saturday 20th at the Nordic House:
Frost live at 13.00.

Frost & Mental Overdrive at NuMusic Festival
Both MOD and Frost will be performing at the excellent electronic festival in Stavanger (NuMusic: 5-9 September). Other artists include 120 Days, Arve Henriksen, Kim Hiortøy, Mira Calix, Mungolian Jetset, Todd Terje...and....Underground Resistance! Book your tickets now!

Frost Live: Friday / 2300hrs / room 3
Mental Overdrive Live: Saturday / 0100hrs / room 2

Also, don't miss the Dial-a-Diva performance, all day Saturday September 8th. Check their website for more info.
Bjørn Torske Bigband!
Bjørn Torske's already legendary concert at the Øya Festival (Pitchfork: "...a mad-scientist emcee trying to control his musical Frankenstein's monster") was quite an experience. Torske invited the usual suspects from the Norwegian electronic scene to a 18 piece, or was it more, orchestra. Some of the suspects were Frost, Mental Overdrive, Nedolspektor, Kaptein Kaliber, Sir Duperman, Rune Lindbæk, Kango and Sound of Sotra.
Frost live at the Øya Festival
During the Øya Festival, Frost will play live at the SunKissed clubnight on Saturday the 11th, just after midnight. Also playing this evening is Dj T /Get Physical, Munk /Gomma + g-HA & Olanskii.

Pictures from Musikkens Dag, Oslo
Follow this link to see some cool pictures of the Geisha inspired Frost on Musikkens Dag in Oslo in june.
Frost gig in London
Frost will do a clubconcert in London the 25th of August, at the Meat Raffle club at Catch in Shoreditch. Frost are looking forward to come back and play some of the new songs for you all!
"Sleepwalker" spilles på Svisj i disse dager. Materialet til musikkvideoen er filmet av Aggie's mormor Herta Grøndal, og klippet sammen av Peder H. Solberg. Stem i vei om du vil ha Frost på skjermen!

Send kodeord V til 1987, Sleepwalker har kodenummer 5829.
Buy Frost stuff from the House of Telle-shop
You can get Frost music and new cool Frostmerch from House of Telle. You can find the new Frost album, the singles with remixes and the Sleepalker viny. Also available some new, fresh t-shirts, buttons and some really cute one-of-a-kind Frost earrings! Check it out.
New songs on MySpace
Frost's MySpace page is new and fresh with two new songs from the album just added. You can listen to the whole tracks for free.
Albumet er ute i Norge nå!
Nå skal Frost-albumet være på plass i butikkene, i tillegg til iTunes og andre digitale musikksjapper! Man kan også kjøpe skiva på postordre fra House of Telle.

"Røyksopp med et slags innhold." (Dagens Næringsliv)
"Du verden så lekkert dette låter" (Dagsavisen 5/6)
"Teknopopen lever" (Nettavisen 5/6)
"Hodetelefonsnop" (Spirit 5/6)
"...en sann killer av disig og deilig elektronika-kunst."(Tønsberg Blad 5/6)
" bortimot elektronisk mesterverk."(Hamar Arbeiderblad 5/6)

Exclusive pre-release on iTunes now!
The new Frost album is released on an exclusive pre-release on iTunes now! The album is available for those living in Scandinavia + many European countires, check you iTunes store for availability. The album will be available for the rest of the world later... But! You can mailorder the album from House of Telle, all over the world, from March 26th. Sign up on Frost's mailinglist (, to be up-to-date at all times.

Swedish desire
Our good neighbours in Sweden have given Frost some smashing reviews on the new tracks. Read more on these two great music blogs: Dagens Skiva and 2-4hours.
One Hundred Years out now!
The new Frost song "One Hundred Years" is digitally released on iTunes, DJ Download and other digital outlets around the globe. Type in "Frost" and "Norway" - sorted under "electronic" music. The single features great mixes by: Skatebård, Kompis, Mental Overdrive and Cato Canari.
Frost album will be released in Norway 26th of March
The long awaited Frost album will be out in Norway on FrostWorld Recordings/VME March 26th. The album title is "Love! Revolution!". While waiting, feel free to listen to the songs on MySpace...
Frost club set at Klubb Dada!
26 of December, the day everyone's out to meet & greet during the Christmas Hollidays. Frost will do a mini live club-set (vocals&machines) + a DJ set at KlubbDaDa - be there.
Ureint Mel i Posen
Per's club Ureint Mel i Posen, is on Friday 22.nd of December at Blå. Aggie and Per will do their fun and groovy DJ-set, of electro, house, techno, synth-pop, disco +++. Bring your best dancing shoes and come along!
Frost concert at Blå!
The only full proper Frost concert in Oslo this year at Blå! New songs from the forthcoming album. Per and Aggie plays a live duo-set on vocals, synthesizers, electronic gadgets, percussion, electric drums and kitchen appliances! Visuals byFor Your Eyes Truly. Ms Tori Wrånes will do a performance on vocals and accordion and finally Klubb Shari Vari into the night...
Frost plays live at Vanity club in Tokyo
Aggie & Per are going to Tokyo in November, doing an exclusive duo concert at Vanity. Also performing this evening, are Vanity Deejays, Linda DJ's, Cato Canari, and Tripple Nipples! It sure looks like it will be a fun evening... Come along! See videoclips from Tokyo on MySpace!
Sleepwalker video on MTV now
Frost's spacy electropop-tune "Sleepwalker" is playlisted on MTV Norway from week 40. The video is edited by Peder Herlin Solberg from the original film material from Aggie's grandmother Herta Grøndal. She has filmed the people working and living at Spitsbergen in the 1960's, and now this unique historic material forms the visuals to "Sleepwalker". See the video on YouTube.
Per and Aggie to Strædet
Get ready for another evening of dancing and shouting, when Miss Aggie P and Mr Overdrive will spin their records at Strædet, Saturday October 21st!
Frost to Insomnia festival in Tromsø
Frost will do a little live-thing during the great electronic festival of the North, Insomnia in Tromsø! Frost will play on Friday 13th of October. From Guangzhou to Tromsø - new tunes, new style, new dress...?
Frost to NO+CH festival in China
Frost will contribute with electronic sounds at the Notch-festival, doing three live concerts in China in October. The festival is a collaboration between Norwegian and Chinese artist, within the genres of jazz, experimental and electronica. Frost will play in Shanghai Oct 4, Bejing Oct 5 and Guangzhou Oct 6. For more info, see the NO+CH web-blog.
New single for preview!
The brand new track "One hundred years" is up for preview exclusively on Frost's MySpace page. A vinyl release including remixes is scheduled for release in the autumn. Feel free to leave a comment on MySpace.
Frost showcase at In The City in Manchester
Frost will perform a live set during In The City music conference in Manchester Sunday the 29th of October. The event "goBRUNCH", presented by MEN & Go Events takes place at Squares, 11 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR at 11.45am (!).
Fantastic iDJ review!
In the June issue of International DJ Magazine, "Sleepwalker" gets a top five-star "Recommended" review in the House singles section. It reads: "No-one does synth pop better than the Scandinavians. Never cheesy, it's always got the perfect balance of underground cool and life-affirming charm. This is a classic example and it's quite possibly the finest track of its ilk since Annie's 'Greatest Hit'. The three remixes, including an awesome intro'd one from Mental Overdrive, are all suitable exquisite. "
New mailing-list
If you want to receive info on new releases, DJ-gigs, concert or cool/fun things going on, please sign up to Frost's new mailing-list! No spam, just music.
Sleepwalker video
The brand new video for "Sleepwalker" is ready for preview. It is based solely on footage shot by Aggie's grandmother Herta Grøndal on the arctic island of Svalbard (Spitzbergen) in the sixties. The clip was edited by Peder Herlin Solberg. Watch it here (Quicktime), or
here (Windows Media).
Sleepwalker digital 12inch
The tracks from the brilliant new 12" is available through DJdownload! Here you can listen to soundbytes of all the mixes, and buy high-quality files.
Sleepwalker 12inch
You can now order the limited 12" maxi single of "Sleepwalker" online through
Groove Distribution in the US, or through (based in Norway, but they also ship abroad). As there's only 1000 copies of these darlings around you'd better be quick to secure one...

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